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“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

I hadn’t been to the meadow for such a long time, mainly because life has been very busy but also because it was living up to it’s definition of being a water meadow – but today it was so nice to go back. Whilst my Father mowed paths through the long grass and meadow flowers, we taught Buddy to swim across the small lake!



3Buddy isn’t as adventurous as most dogs with the water, but after some coaxing and cheerleading from both sides of the lake, he eventually stopped running around it to get to us and instead, swam across. It was a proud moment! He did that a few more times, then got tired. So we wore him out even further by getting him to pose for various photos!




9William even posed a few times too! It was lovely just being out in the sunshine, and forcing the hay-fever to peak and then regress a little. I’m feeling a lot more refreshed after a day of being very ill yesterday so the calmness and relaxing environment really helped…and inspired me to get snapping again with the camera!



114 19Sorry this blog is a little ‘doggy’ heavy with the images, but I couldn’t resist. Just an update on Star, she’s doing really well and whilst she’s not up to roaming the meadow anymore, she’s doing really well at roaming the garden and house! Here’s some upbeat music to go with the mood of the day…

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It’s pancake day! This time last year, I was on Day something of the Photography challenge and photographed pancakes! This year, I photographed them using Instagram! The bane of practically everybody’s life! Now there’s a challenge, 365 days of Instagram…

pancake two

Pancake one

Don’t worry, I won’t put you through it. But yes, Pancakes have been photographed and I also have some delightful shots of the dogs taken in the snow earlier this week, for the first time in forever I managed to grab a shot of the Girl Dog (Star). Buddy decided to hide behind the curtain sadly.



So there hasn’t been much Photography activity from me lately, I’m working on it! Lots of exciting shoots coming up with a couple of Weddings, some Baby Photography in the works and other bits and pieces. And hopefully better weather will come too!

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