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“The Piano collects dust as lovingly as it does memories…”

-Kathryn Dawson

Those of you whom have been following the blog since the first month of the 365 blogging back in 2012, will remember this post at the end of January when I said goodbye to the Piano that had been in my life (and my bedroom) for over sixteen years. Having survived over a year without being able to go and play whatever I liked in times of stress or just times when I needed relaxation, I decided that it had been long enough!


Without really thinking too much about it (other than the cost!), William and I drove to Basingstoke (in his car to be certain the Piano would fit!) to test out the electric Piano’s at Dawsons Music. Yes Dawsons, one of my favourite music shops coincidentally! Sharing a surname with the shop did not, unfortunately, get me any discount. Anyway, it took some umming and aahing about what to pick, even though I knew really – and eventually we were off with the new purchase.


Queue some building of the stand (By William) and watching (by me) and then it was ready – and wow did I miss it. You don’t realise how much you miss something that was part of your life practically everyday, until you go back to it after not having it for a while. Bit like Chocolate I suppose! I went to purchase Einaudi’s latest sheet music online, expecting to get a book through the post – only to find sheet music is now available for the Kindle. So I popped it onto the ipad – et voila, no more pesky page turning!


So the weekend has been pretty good – and a good weekend is not completely amazing unless some shots of Buddy doing stupid things are included, so of course naturally…here they are…



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There is no psychiatrist in the world better than a puppy licking your face.

~Ben Williams

As with yesterdays blog, we’re keen to keep the dog barks coming and so Buddy offered to pose in honour of helping the cause. So far we’ve received three barks! It might sound like a silly thing to do, but honestly it’s worth it.


Whenever Buddy goes outside and is called back in, he has to grab something to bring with him. Usually it’s leaves or flowers, bits of stones or twigs. It’s a strange habit – one that can’t seem to be broken!


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