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“Storms come, and are so personal, they seem to know your address and have the key to your house.”
― Reverend Jesse Jackson

It was a dark stormy night, not a creature was disturbed, not even a mouse. Unless you include us, then sleeping was made very difficult by the storms that hit our fair shores! Newspaper weather reporters have for days been proclaiming 100kmh winds, but this time they were right.


Reports of around 60mph winds were to be recorded at midnight and we decided to venture out in to the surrounding area before they did arrive. The rain was heavy and the roads were flooded in many areas. Trees had shed many of their small branches, but bigger limbs had also come loose.


Driving on the A roads were just as treacherous. Lorries going in the opposite direction failed to slow down, even for the deepest of puddles (road lakes), throwing  all sorts of water on the windscreen making it difficult to see. We beat a hasty retreat home as the weather got even worse. The wind and rain lashed against the windows and the only other sounds we could hear were toppling wheelie bins and the odd ladder not properly fastened. Midnight came and so did the winds, if the house wasn’t made of brick I would of thought we’d have blown away! It got so bad that the power was knocked out… twice!


The morning was much calmer, but the damage had been done. Trees had been damaged and many lay in the roads. Most of the locals had got up early and cleared the local roads using cow sounding chainsaws. However, we had some errands to run in the afternoon and we saw many of the roads still hazardous to all but the hardiest of 4×4 driving locals.


In fact, we went Christmas present delivering to a family member who was without power since 6pm yesterday – possibly still is now if he isn’t reading this blog!


Many of you may know the meadow that appears in many of the blogs, well today it’s lived up to it’s name of being the water meadow….


Despite the weather though, Christmas continues and up and down the country relief efforts are underway for the harder hit areas. Luckily there weren’t too many casualties – fingers crossed Christmas is a quiet one this year.


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“Keep Calm
Bake Cookies”

Wind and rain has attacked most of the UK today. Reports are that one person has been killed in a freak hailstorm, the South Coast is being lashed with rain and floods and the North of the country is seeing a complete whiteout with Snow…


So what can you do? Bake cookies! Technically we cheated, and these are made from ready prepared dough courtesy of Waitrose. They even came with the cutter and decorations!


There were shortbread stars and gingerbread man – the Oranges from yesterday are no longer making the house smell Christmassy so this was a great replacement. I’m not sure what we can do on the orange thing – any suggestions to prolonging the beautiful smell would be gratefully received!


The image below – well we’re not quite sure what we intended that one to be. Suffice to say it’s a definite mess and not ginger-bready in the slightest! Bits of leftovers combined to make it…


And the whole time we were baking? Buddy snuck onto the sofa to relax in his favourite chair with my favourite blanket…!


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