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“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”
― Helen Keller

I grabbed a brief moment to walk Buddy this afternoon before it got dark (it’s getting dark A LOT earlier now) and took my camera with me to try and get some blustery Autumn shots. I didn’t quite fail, although everything is still rather green.

Not one to keep an eye on countdowns – but it’s eighty one days to go until I’ve officially blogged a photo(s) every day! It’s days like today when everything has been hectic and there’s still so much to do that it’s inspiring and even motivating to see such a small number in comparison to the early days when I was in the three hundreds .

During this season I start to feel more alive. Which is contradictory in a way for Autumn means for many, the complete opposite. With the onset of SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – so many struggle with the darkness and the temperature change. I love it though, sorry!

It might be something to do with how it’s acceptable to wear cosy jumpers and scarves – and thick coats and blankets! In the Summer we just don’t get away with these things as much as we should!

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“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today we ventured down the Grand Avenue in Savernake Forest. Until recently I didn’t know that it existed, but it was highlighted in Outdoor Photography Magazine (their Autumn Special) as being the place to go for Autumn shots.

The entrance to the avenue is flanked by two huge pillars and a sign that states vehicles should not venture any further. However a sign inside the entrance advises that public proceed at their own risk since it’s not an official highway.

So, proceeding cautiously for it was full of potholes, we began our exploration. The Avenue is 5.7 miles long and is the longest avenue of Beech Trees in the country. Whilst the road is straight, it dips low and then rises up into the forest high, so there’s no chance of getting a miles long shot but still, it was very pretty.

About halfway down the Avenue was an area where eight radial drives led off the main road. This was laid by Capability Brown, a famous English Landscape Architect in the 1700s. It made for an interesting design off of the main road.

We also stopped at Wilton Windmill on the way home. It’s in Wiltshire and is located on the ridge between the villages of Wilton and Great Bedwyn – the names around there are lovely I think. It dates back to 1821.

However it’s current unmanned most of the time now and visitors just let themselves into the area it stands in and wander freely. However flour made from wheat that has been grown locally is still produced at the mill. It was very quiet today though!

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