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“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
― Dr. Seuss,

It’s my sisters birthday today and since I’ve spent most of the day doing an essay for university (final one of year two!) I decided to make the most of all things Birthday and take photographs where possible!

Additionally I’m really tired and the week has caught up with me – this is the first time since starting the challenge that I’ve thought I really don’t want to have to do it! But regardless, I’ve managed shots and throwing a blog together is no hardship, so here we are!

We usually have dinner together, but since she’s going out with her boyfriend to town tonight, that has been postphoned until tomorrow! So instead we had a Birthday Breakfast – which was a nice change.

My Mother traditionally always makes a chocolate cake for either of our Birthdays and this year was exactly the same. Although as we’ve got older it’s had less sweets on and more decorative touches – but the ballerina comes out every year.

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“To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day.”
― W. Somerset Maugham

I wouldn’t mind eating weetabix three times a day – it’s rumored that the whole grain wheat breakfast cereal gives you energy! Weetabix have been around forever, but in more modern times they’ve been adapted. You can now get them with chocolate in, raisins, honey nut and all kinds of other fancy things. I like them plain with the tiniest dash of milk. I’m not a fan of cereal because I don’t like the taste of milk, but weetabix soaks it up anyway so it’s sort of okay.

Early mornings are the best times to get a bit of sunshine lately it seems. At seven am it was beautiful. I made great use of it by arranging some Weetabix on the table and taking a few shots for today’s blog. I’m not running out of ideas I promise – but sometimes it’s nice to photograph the everyday things that we take for granted. With the weather set to perk up a bit over the weekend I’m aiming to do a few photography bits and possibly get something a bit different – who knows!

Many people eat breakfast, many more skip it. Regardless, it’s that time of day when across the world (in varying time zones of course) we share a common thought, even perhaps without thinking about it too much. For example, did anyone really think what the origins of the word breakfast are? According to wikipedia ,  Breakfast literally means breaking the fast of the might.

I looked at a hotel this morning that offered a traditional Welsh breakfast. On further investigation, it looks like an English Breakfast (Bacon/eggs/beans/sausage/hash brown) but actually, it has something included called Penclawdd Cockle and laverbread cake. Whatever they are. In Scotland they eat haggis. Haggis! Don’t even go there. Here we have Weetabix. Healthy and balanced! What’s your breakfast choice?

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