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Two baby portrait sessions in one week! It’s great fun especially with Halloween and being able to create Halloween based images. So today was filled mostly with that, walking Buddy briefly and getting used to my kindle. Which really means playing the same game over and over so I can move up a level. Honestly, that thing is not just for books!

So it’s a rather brief post today after taking a lot of photos. It’s time to relax and cook some dinner! By the way, I’ve found a fantastic recipe for sweet potatoes (roasted) and will be definitely photographing them in the next few days! If you’re interested in the full album of todays shots check them out here.

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“The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”
― Willie Nelson

I went up to my parents workplace today to help them out and we discovered a baby mouse about to be drowned under a stream of water! The poor thing looked rather bewildered and rain swept and so of course, I got the camera out!

So after a bit of drying out and some hair fluffing, he was good to go although he wandered off quite reluctantly it seemed. I think this mouse in particular, loved the camera and didn’t want to move away from the limelight!

It’s strange how photos just arrive some days and not on others. I was wondering for ages what I should photograph today and then literally there it was right in front of me. Problem solved! Plus, he didn’t really have clogs on but I love that song!

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