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“If the sun does not light your way up, simply ask the moon.”
― Yannick Heywang

A few days ago, in the early evening before it got dark, the sun came out. It was a truly beautiful sight. Being into Photography and also connected to so many people across the world through social media, I am lucky enough to be able to glace at an image full of sunshine, taken on the exact same day that I’m staring out of the window at greyness and rain. However when it happens properly, after such a long period of awful weather – it’s literally a moment when the “heavens open and a ray of light bursts through…”

Throughout December, sunlight is forgotten in favour of frosty starts and windy days. Come January though, I’m just about ready for that burst of sunshine (which we haven’t seen since January 1st). So what better way to celebrate it, than to make Buddy pose for me outside and catch some rays!

Buddy3 Buddy1 Buddy2

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“There is no heroism in sheep. They stand on the hill and go “Baa”, as they’re being slaughtered.”
― Skip Coryell

Sheep are very mundane creatures it seems, their mannerisms mirror each other and whilst they’re inquisitive – like when I stopped the car and pointed the camera at them – they don’t really do much about it!



I don’t think I’ve photographed sheep this year, maybe in the distance type sheep – but not chewing on grass up close type sheep. So here we go! Whoever said I’d run out of things to Photograph? The days are ticking by fast now and I’ve almost got too many things to capture!



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