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“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”
― G.K. Chesterton

This weekend has given us the strangest weather – beautiful mornings or beautiful evenings but the rest of the time it just rains! We made the most of it though and went on two fairly long walks to explore the local area. They were both rather odd. We live on the edge of a beautiful Forest but given that we’re on a ‘new build’ estate the owners have very much got ahead of the game and secured most of the private aspects of the land.


We therefore have to drive a little way down the road to get to a public right of way because the roads are too dangerous to walk Maisy along. Both walks that we did this weekend we ended up getting nearer to home than the car!


The first was Saturday evening and we got a glimpse of some Deer and Hares playing in the fields and forest since it was so quiet. Maisy enjoyed herself having her first long walk since getting a poorly paw at the beginning of the month.

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The second walk today was across a few hours although we only covered four miles or so. We walked across country and then surprisingly found ourselves at a petrol station on the edge of a dual carriageway. Some climbing was needed to get to the paths that would take us safely back into the Forest!

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We walked past a piggery (which smell delightful although William disagrees!) and walked for around an hour through the forest, coming out at a layby on the edge of the very same dual carriageway that we were on before, half a mile from the petrol station. It was a momentous time. Eventually we were rescued and given bacon sandwiches (the piggery hadn’t put us off) and the adventure came to an end!

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“The world wasn’t made for us, we were made for the world.”
― John Green

The week has flown again and I wasn’t sure I would have anything to share this time around. I have been taking lots of photographs each week, of my Grandad who is still in hospital. Mobile phones are amazing because with one click and a few buttons you can send a photograph to so many people and it can convey a thousand words. As a family we’ve been sharing photos of Grandad since the day after boxing day, giving updates to each other as we often go at various times to visit. Last Saturday a few of us spent some time with Grandad helping him write his Valentine’s card for Grandma. It was hilarious, and we had so much fun.We made memories, we haven’t stopped making memories.


Yesterday (Valentine’s day) my Mum made up some pretty Valentines plates of nibbles and brought two lovely tea cups to the hospital so that my Grandparents could have ‘dinner’ together. A red serviette lay on the hospital table and a beautiful red rose sat in a small silver pot in the middle of it all. My Grandad surprised my Grandma with the card he had written for her. It was emotional. But it was beautiful. We made more memories. We still haven’t stopped…

2I shared this photo yesterday, with the caption that flowers, gifts and fancy meals out could not compare to years and years of love, laughter, trials and tribulations. My Grandad said, ‘I’d marry that woman again.’ Isn’t that just love.

On another slightly less mushy note, I took some of my leftover 2015 Calendars onto the ward yesterday as well. There are a few other men there that are locals and I thought they would appreciate the local scenes. I expected possibly a smile or two. But I was amazed by the reaction. One said that it was the best Valentine’s present. News spread and people were coming onto the ward to ask how they could get a calendar. I gave a few more away. I still have a couple left and if you know anyone who needs their day brightened by some pretty landscapes and a bit of England let me know, they’re going and they need a good home. No pennies neccessary.

Calendar 2015 England Cover

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