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“One big blow can hit and destroy any strong door in front of you. As for the 1000 feeble blows, they can’t even remove the cobwebs. Courage is the key.”
― Israelmore Ayivor2 1

I can’t believe I missed the start of the 100 days until Christmas countdown! But you will be delighted to know that there are only ninety five days left! Which means…only three more days to go and the 100 day countdown for the end of this blog challenge begins. Exciting times… I will be a little sad, but could do with another year off..

This morning’s photos were taken with my ‘proper’ camera – not used that for a while! It’s playing up a bit so not the best… Morning cobwebs out on the muggy humid grass early this morning. Early because we were up to get the blinds fitted in the house – amazing how useful blinds are! They look fabulous.


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