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“Inhale and hold the evening in your lungs.”
― Sebastian Faulks

Today we mostly spent money. On very useful things though like scarecrows (more photos of that another day!) We had our patio done courtesy of the -delightful- builders of our house.

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It looks amazing I have to say, and really extends the house into the garden. So we needed chairs to go with a table we were kindly donated – and some solar lighting for the back garden since the one that came with the house still doesn’t work (delightful builders, I did say didn’t I!)

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This evening will be spent sampling some cider that we ventured to Tesco’s for as a little treat because we didn’t have enough already today! Also here are some sunset photos just to mix it up a little bit – the sunset is getting earlier and earlier, looks like we’ll be enjoying the last of the patio in the next few weeks!


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