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“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my mother.”
― Abraham Lincoln

My sister and I were treated to some amazing things today when we went out for a venture to the Kenwood Factory Outlet store…We came home with beautiful mixers with food processors and blenders attached as well! On the way we popped into Forget-Me-Not which sells cute vintagey bits and pieces and further treats – before heading home.


Work on the house has progressed a fair bit today with the loft being boarded and cupboard shelving started, although it looks like a building site again! We’ve also had people glancing in the windows as the houses opposite us are progressing nicely and people are able to have a nose (just like we did!) and see how their properties are looking. The weather stayed fantastic which was even better – on the way home from the Kenwood store we stopped at Portsdown Hill which has some incredible views – so here are today’s photos…

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