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“Girls you’ve gotta know when it’s time to turn the page.”
― Tori Amos

What an exhausting week!  I’ve only been doing bits and pieces, training and listening to people tell me lots of interesting things that seem to float out of my head by the time I get home but wow…it is exhausting! I’ve found out a bit more about my role and what I’m going to be doing, and more importantly my job title which is fairly exciting… The county is divided into several areas and I’ll be the lead Care Manager for Learning Disabilities in the central area. Actually, not ‘will be’ – already am! I’ve spent years of my career working to the demands of various care managers in the past and now I’m actually one of them, albeit on a slightly different team. I’m excited – especially to get trained up and stuck in!

Despite the tiresome week, we spent a few hours at the house this evening introducing my Grandparents to it, they seem to love it! It was so nice to see them there as well. Fiddling with the aerial and free view box for some time didn’t yield any results so we gave up and went ‘home’ through the pouring rain which is gradually intensifying.

The weekend will be spent productively…tomorrow is the last of the seasons Weddings to photograph and Sunday will be spent back at the house, tweaking and organising a little bit more. We’re getting there, slowly but surely! We even have a little Ash Tree planted in the back garden now….

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