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“But nobody ever tells you in advance when you should concentrate on the good times-that’s why you’re supposed to do it every day.”
― Jordan Sonnenblick

We have had a weekend of food, games, laughter and  a spot of shopping coupled with a walk on the meadow! All in all I think a good time was had by all as well and the weather didn’t fail us (for once!)


The baking creations of Friday night didn’t seem to poison anyone either so I have a tiny bit of faith in my cooking! We’ve shown the house off and have had lots of garden advice and a beautiful plant and pot (which will be saved for another blog entry) and the garden is filling nice and slowly with things that can feature in the photography challenge in weeks to come. Plants are for life though, not just for photographic purposes…

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I had the time to wander and photograph, which hasn’t happened for  a while. It was nice and in way I felt a bit of creativity that I didn’t know I had lost…creeping back in. I even tried to recreate a fence post photo – as seen below…

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It’s almost the anniversary of losing our beautiful girl dog (aka Star) last year. So it seemed fitting that Buddy posed next to her American Oak Tree planted on the meadow in her honour..



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“Get close to grass and you’ll see a star.”
― Dejan Stojanovic

Not the most thrilling photo today – but we’re entertaining for the weekend (sort of!) so it’s important the blog gets done and dusted now. In preparation, the grass was cut for the second time ever since it’s grassy history! Quite chuffed with our little garden…


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