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“Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”
― Gloria Steinem

Today, after months and months talking about it, we finally got to see the house that we’re due to move into next week! I think it was probably even March when we reserved the plot and hoped that Halifax would release more mortgages in the near future so that we could apply for one. Another month before we had that confirmation and then since then it has been a waiting game… with lots of badgering of the sellers to let us get inside and look.

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This morning we acquired hard hats, hi vis jackets and workman boots (furry inside, how strange..) and marched (literally because that’s what clumpy workman boots make you do) up to the site. There wasn’t much use for the hard hats other than storing things like keys, phones and pens in them whilst we wandered around. Admittedly the boots were useful despite the blisters!

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It was surreal to see inside a building that we had been picturing and imagining for months without not really knowing for sure what it would be like. Mostly, it was as we imagined it, only lighter and airer. There are a few bits that aren’t quite right, and we had the slight concern of realising our bed wouldn’t fit because we have the luxury of an en-suite door in the way..but other than that, it was really positive.

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There’s still a digger in our garden and not much more digging has been done but we’ve accepted that this will continue once we’ve moved in and we’re quite grateful the turf isn’t down yet, wilting in the heat! I scouted out the sunset views and they appear to be accesible which is a relief because we’d have had to have given it all back if not!

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