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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
― Vivian Greene

I couldn’t resist blogging twice in one day, even though it has almost been 24 hours since my last photos for today! We’ve just been out and about looking for a (safe) location for tonight’s storm photography, it promises to be a fantastic one it’s just whether or not the storm hits us.

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At the moment it’s skirting around the East of the country and we’re slap bang in the middle of the South. If you’re interested in seeing the lightning map right now (11,000 strikes an hour) you can click this link.

3 2

These shots were taken just as the sun was setting at Danebury Ring near Andover. It’s a beautiful spot, especially for Photography, relaxing and walking the doggy who was most annoyed that we left him at home (but safer!) Perhaps I’ll have some lightning shots for tomorrow’s blog, if not expect food or flowers!


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“Electricity is really just organized lighting”
― George Carlin

Who knew I would be back blogging so soon? But since a fantastic thunderstorm hit at around midnight, I decided to take the opportunity to grab my photos for the day, albeit very early! We hung out of the windows upstairs (because they are skylights hanging is the proper term!) and snapped for about an hour before realising that it was now almost 2am and sleep was needed.




I’ve never photographed a storm before, I’ve never really bothered with outside photography once the Sunset has gone so it was all new to me and I was without tripod – so even more tricky! Five second exposures meant that these photos were possible, not bad for a first try!





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