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“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

Two weeks tomorrow I leave the job that I’ve pretty much been settled in (if you could call it that) for almost a year. I finally step into the embrace of a career that I’ve worked my academic life to get into and a salary bracket that is more than what I could ever wish for. My university studies, my work experience and my full time jobs since I was eighteen have all contributed to this point and it’s where I wanted to be when I first started out seven years ago. I’ll be moving up in wages by about 8 thousand a year and the best bit is I’ll be doing something I’m passionate about – assessing people’s care and support needs.

I absolutely cannot wait. So with that in mind, I have one eye on the thing that I’ve been working on alongside my full time work for around four years now – Photography. It’s a hobby, one which I love and I desperately want to be two people – the woman who carries the title of a Care Manager for the local Council, and the dreamer who wants to be a full time self-employed photographer. At the moment, they compliment each other well. I unwind when I take photos and occasionally snap a memory and a moment for someone who can treasure it for the rest of their lives. So, because of this, I can completely justify my brand shiny new MACBOOK PRO which I bought because I want to work smarter with my photos and my online life i.e blogging, deviantART and photo-editing. Oh yes. It arrived. I had to pester PC World everyday since I reserved it (pretty much) but finally they gave in and admitted it was there, out in the stockroom, waiting for me. I hugged it all the way to the car…

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

My current work station in my cosy little bedroom consists of two monitors and a large cumbersome PC box thingy-bob. When we finally move into our shiny new house, I will have to share my office space with William, something we are both still coming to terms with of course.. ;) I get to decor the bedroom and living room, he gets to arrange the office… it’s a scary time. Anyway, this Macbook Pro I am hoping with all my hopes, will replace my working situation and I will simply plug it in to a monitor when I need to, and sit at a desk. A huge monitor. One that compensates me for giving up my dual screen set-up! So there we go, the method behind the madness…and today’s blogs and musings.

photo 2

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