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“Building a two-mile road gave me internal peace.”
― Brian Strang

We made another visit to the house this evening to check on its progress. Our update last week consisted of being told that the rendering still needs to be done – that much is obvious!  Once completely finished the house will be a lovely cream-ish sort of colour, but for now it’s still grey but it looks good now that they patched up the final bits. As you can also see, the view of our front door from the road has now gone! Pesky houses…



The garden still doesn’t resemble anything that could ever be considered a garden, it’s considerably lower than the house for starters, and I can’t imagine how they’re going to equal it out other than to fill it with rubbish from another plot! The fence is sort of there, but there’s no dividing fence yet so we’re not really sure of the sizing until that happens.



Last week we peeked a little further and could just see a teasing glimpse of our kitchen (vintage white and wood!) but other than that, we still have no clue whatsoever on what our house is even going to look like. The good news is that hopefully by the 1st of August, we will be in!

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