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“What begins at the water shall end there, and what ends there shall once more begin.”
― Doug Dorst

I rained, so I had to photograph the Agapanthus again. They’re so photogenic in the rain it was rude not to! Sadly the rain but paid to a photoshoot that I had planned this evening but I’m hoping that a reschedule will bring some brighter weather again!




Yesterday was so hectic that I forgot to blog about the most exciting news of the day – I’ve ordered a Macbook Pro in an attempt to become more mobile with my photo-editing and other online duties such as DeviantART. I’m really excited for its arrival hopefully on Friday and I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that eventually it will replace my main desktop computer by hooking up to a monitor (a huge-mungous one!) We shall see. Geek time, for now, is over…until Friday!


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