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“Baking is like washing–the results are equally temporary.”
― Patricia Briggs

The weekend has mainly been for relaxing, the weather hasn’t been fantastic so I haven’t felt too guilty about doing absolutely nothing! William, my partner, made the move to where I live in preparation for his new job starting next week and so we spent a bit of time sorting and unpacking bits and pieces. Unfortunately the house build didn’t quite fit in with our plans (although it should have done!) and so with the delay we’re camping out with the parents for a little while longer (thanks parents!) until we get a moving date.

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So now that William is here permanently instead of just the weekends, it means that my computer can have a Birthday and technology can be sorted out once and for all! My computer has struggled a lot lately and so it needs a bit of an update to cope with everything I demand of it with photo-editing and so on.

In order to relax, I got organised for dinner and made a delicious looking salad and the beginnings of a trifle which I finished off this afternoon to the sounds of the Formula 1 in the background. Makes a change from the football… ;)

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