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“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

Today the photos were taking as I left the house (for the second time) after getting changed because a dog urinated on me. Oh yes. Perks of the job. (I don’t work with animals, not really!) So I quickly snapped the gorgeous sunshine on my mobile before heading off to drier climates. Also! We are now officially halfway through the year, which means that I only have to take this many photographs again and the challenge will be over…. !

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I handed in my notice at work today (not dog-weeing related I swear), it was a bit surreal because I’m so stuck into my job and my clients that I can’t imagine doing anything else. But the contract is coming to an end next year anyway so many of us are jumping ship whilst there are jobs out there. I’m moving on to something slightly different, much much better paid and a lot more flexible with many more progression routes too. I’ll be a care manager (unqualified!) for the Council. It’s an exciting time with moving into a brand new house and a new job around the same sort of time!

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