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“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”
― Roger Miller

Yesterday just proved that you should wait a bit longer before finding your photos of the day! I almost didn’t get my camera out again but then it rained, a lot. And with the rain came the opening of the most beautiful flowers in the garden – a lovely vibrant orange which set against the green really nicely. So I snapped away.

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Then this morning I noticed the ‘Onion flowers.’ I can’t remember what they’re called, they were blogged about here two years ago around this time (July 4th) and earned me the honour of being ‘Freshly Pressed.’ They aren’t open yet but a couple more days of rain and I think they’ll spring to life. It’s hard to believe those small little things are going to blossom into the flowers that I blogged about two years ago – but we shall see!



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