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“The window of my soul, I throw wide open to the sun.”
~John Greenleaf Whittier


I found a book last weekend, which has a huge amount of photography inspiration in it and so today I used it to try and get out there and get some casual shots again. There used to be a time, probably when I was first doing the 365 challenge in 2012, where I would head out with the camera most evenings and take photographs of whatever I found. I seemed to have forgotten how to do that with everything else going on, so today I grabbed the camera (and an umbrella) and explored….




The weather has brought some fantastic thunderstorms and the clouds were pretty amazing. I found myself chasing cloud shadows at one point – see in the image below, it was quite strange! In between exploring, I popped into the local polling station where tumble-weed was most definitely overworked, and voted. It sounded like it had been absolutely dead all day but later on there was a large influx of villagers walking down the road clutching their polling cards. It’s the one time that people you never see out walking, suddenly grow legs.







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