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“When she awoke, the world was on fire.”
― Scott Westerfeld,

At the exact moment I was driving home from work thinking about what to Photograph for todays blog, I came across this…

photo 1

It was the strangest scenario. I was looking for people, other cars, anything that could actually hint at what had happened here in this fairly rural location in a village called Upper Clatford. I called the fire brigade, although it looked like it had been on fire for some time and I would be incredibly surprised if nobody had called already.

photo 2 photo 3

Then I parked up a short (safe) distance away and used my iPhone to try and determine whether there was anyone inside. What I could have done if there had been, I don’t know. It didn’t appear as if there was – but it was still incredibly strange. The ditch next to the car was also on fire with a long trail that suggested spillage of some kind. At one point (as seen below) a man appeared at the other end of the road, but quickly backed off when the tyres went.

photo 4

I’ll be interested to know the outcome of this one – because regardless it was a huge hazard to anyone driving by and when I inched my car past the wall of heat was immense. The explosions as the tyres melted were also quite large and something about it seems really strange. A car parked neatly in a driveway…on fire… The fire brigade took around twenty minutes which again was fairly shocking, and the police a further ten.

5 6

Anyway, that solved the problem of what to Photograph today, and luckily it seems no lives were lost or injured either. Just a mystery…

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