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“Fridays are the hardest in some ways: you’re so close to freedom.”
― Lauren Oliver

Friday means two days off this weekend, bowling with the family tomorrow and a few other exciting  bits that I can’t yet blog about, but that I will most definitely be photographing tomorrow and sharing! So today I sort of half heartedly took some photos when I got home from work. The rain has been constant and the water levels are creeping up again (it’s happening so quickly!) and with a weekend of more rain forecast…the outlook isn’t too great! So I brightened my photos up with a couple of colourful photoshop actions. You’d never have known it was raining would you…



1(Photoshop actions are ‘auto’ thingies that you can apply in photoshop to make things look awesome. There are lots of ‘actions’ available to download online or you can make your own if you edit something in a certain way and you want to record the history of it. So yes, historic recording of photoshop editing – is a Photoshop action!

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