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“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
― Charles M. Schulz

Easter Monday started off with weather that should have been delivered yesterday! Brilliant sunshine, warmth and lots of vibrant colours. We spent an hour or so of it wandering on the Meadow whilst my Dad cleared some of the storm debris (from earlier in the year) from the lakes (along with a bit of help from Becky and Chris…)


Buddy had his first encounter with a Swan who was guarding a nest fairly near to where the work was being carried out. Buddy decided it was a good idea to paddle in the water, at which point the Swan decided to show an interest in him and it ended with a narrow escape. It involved us shouting at Buddy to get out the water and Buddy deciding whether the Swan wanted to play with him or not. Luckily, all ended nicely for everyone but it was a close call!



The annual leave week is over and it’s back to work tomorrow, plus a few other things that should be happening this week which I can probably reveal once they reveal themselves! There is lots of Essay writing to be done to finish the last few months of university so it’ll be back to less ‘wordy’ blogs, a few photos here and there and heads down until exam day for me!



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