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“Keep your best wishes close to your heart and watch what happens. ”
-Tony DeLiso

We arrived in Wales around midday after paying an extortionate amount of money to drive across the Severn Bridge (£6.40). I write this because in about fifty years time, this blog will still likely somehow be online and future generations will be laughing at the fact that something cost so little, yet we thought it so much!


We travelled through some of Brecon, which was beautiful, and then into Llandovery. (My spelling of these places is awful!) After a slow trek we arrived at our destination in Dutlas at about half past three having spent a good few miles heading down a dead end track that the satnav didn’t recognise at all. We had to go through farm gates and pyschotic dogs as Collie’s from another farm encircled the car and barked constantly. The owner of our holiday place told us next time to keep driving as it was the only way to get past them!

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The views from where we are staying are incredible, and completely private. They aren’t shared with anyone else at all and the rolling hills seem endless. We’re going to explore them tomorrow rather than venture too far into pyschotic dog land. Right below our balconey, there is a field of female sheep. We’re on sheep watch for the owners because they’re due to give birth from tomorrow onwards. However one was fairly ahead of the game, but sadly her first lamb was stillborn. Much rejoicing later though when we found out that she was having triplets. The other two lambs seem to be going strong in their pen this evening. Hopefully tomorrow will lend itself to some lamb photographs!

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