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“But how will I eat cake if my head is over there, and my hands are over here?”
― Marie Antoinette

I spent much of the afternoon writing pages and pages of notes in preparation for my next uni essay and my exam in the Summer. So it was nice that the house filled with the smell of baking whilst I did this, and also that it meant I didn’t need to think too much about the photographs for today!


My Mother made Madeira Cake followed by Fruit Buns, both of which smelled (and tasted, yes!) amazing. So I just took a couple of snaps before heading back to note taking, revision and studying. I’m definitely counting down the days, and when my last exam is over I will be going straight to a bookshop to find some Summer reads that I won’t feel guilty about reading!


I have two shelves of books that I haven’t yet touched because every time I go to read them, I am guiltily thinking that instead I should be studying. I’ve picked up the occasional non-educational read but only when I know that the book won’t grip my attention for hours!


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