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“Put your best paw forward..”

I’m surprised to find that 50 days of photographs and blogging, hasn’t been as hard as I imagined it would be. Since January, the weeks and days have been increasingly busy and I’ve had to juggle university studies, full time work and part time photography jobs with everything else that goes with life! Yet the photographs ( I feel anyway ) have flowed effortlessly. I’m so very glad because otherwise I would be resenting this challenge by now, whilst also determined to continue with it. A vicious circle.


Instead, I’ve enjoyed making sure that I have at least one camera in the car when I go to work and if I find nothing, then searching for something closer to home hasn’t been difficult. Indeed today’s photographs are very close to home. The last few evenings I’ve either been making revision notes for my Summer exam, or reading for an essay or updating my website. Buddy has kept me company throughout all of this, in his favourite chair.



He’s actually a chair hopper and regularly spends time during the evenings, doing a ‘chair crawl’ until he finds whichever one is most comfortable. He fits into the smallest chairs and sprawls out in the biggest ones. He tends to get stuck when he climbs into the office chair because every time he tries to get down, it wobbles!  He makes a good study Buddy, regardless.



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