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“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!”
― Maya Angelou

It’s hard to ignore the weather – storm after storm has been attacking the UK and the latest is due in about an hours time where we are. The weather is appalling. Yesterday it was beautiful and the water levels had a chance to drop just a little bit – today they are right back up again.


Everyone is wishing for a break from the rain – but then we’ll likely have a hosepipe ban (although maybe we’ve had enough rain to last us a year already!) Stockbridge, a lovely little town with beautiful shops and a quaint high street, was busy piling up the sandbags yesterday. They were barricading parking spaces on the main street to stop cars driving into the floods and swamping their front doors.



Everywhere, traders are battling against the road closures with signs proclaiming that despite everything, ‘We’re still open!’ if you just bother to follow the poorly signed diversion routes and find us…


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