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“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living.

The world owes you nothing.

It was here first.”
― Mark Twain

Today (when the day job was over!) I photographed some Estate Agents. Not so randomly, I was asked a few weeks ago to do it by someone who had found me online. But I have to say it’s the most odd portrait photography request so far…! So I can’t exactly share my photos from today, or rather the majority of them, but I do have a few others. Oh and who am I kidding? I have sunsets to share too!





I had to take the scenic route to work this morning because of a car that had broken down right in the middle of the road (probably blame the flood water!) and instead landed myself in a rather flooded village just outside of Andover. The pumping lorries were there already working hard to try and reduce the amount of water around, so that’s my snap for today!

I also have the images from last weeks shoot at the studios of a local Sculptor to share now as well. It was a great shoot, lots of very inspiring works to be seen as well and I’m very much looking forward to going back if they’ll let me! Just a handful of the shots taken at Talos Art Foundry with the Sculptor below (Richard Atkinson-Willes) whose work can be found here.




Then there are the few shots I took down in Portsmouth on Friday, which I didn’t share because I found more exciting ones when I got home! Portsmouth received a battering at the weekend with the wind and rain, more to come this week. But this was the calm before the weekend storms…


4And a few moody weather shots taken over the past week or so, because without weather being mentioned, by blog would not be recognisable! Suffice to say the weather has impacted even my work as instead of benefit forms and tenancy related issues, I am helping people to file claims for leaks, fallen trees and broken fences/sheds. In fact, most major insurers today had an average waiting time of 55 minutes just to log a claim and speak to a human voice!


3This week brings little opportunity for photography and much opportunity for studying. After a short break following a huge attack on my work to try and get two essays submitted at once, the results are in (and are very good!) which means I am much more motivated to keep going for the last few months. Revision needs to commence, and photography plus my other online activities over at deviantART must take the back burner again! I’ve written 500 words (and more) just for todays blog….I just need to channel that into useful essays focusing on crime and social policy!

That being said, for those interested in Still Life Photography, there will be a whole week of educational articles coming up shortly written by myself and a few other people on deviantART as we aim to shine a spotlight on Still Life with Macro to follow in March!

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