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“It is a “tragedy” that nothing happened for so long”
-Prince Charles

I was in Portsmouth today (on the South Coast) and had my Cybershot point and shoot with me to take some shots when I could after I had done some training. The coast was almost silent, no wind, no waves crashing against the cafe – it was the complete opposite to the beginning of January although the coastal road was closed in preparation for tonight’s storm.


So I was going to use those photographs. Then I got home. A day of no rain is almost worse than a day with rain. The rivers have burst their banks, the road alongside the meadow is completely covered and almost (just not quite) impossible to drive across.

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The force of the water rushing into the meadow from the road, is actually holding the gate open although it’s still locked tightly. That’s how strong the ‘current’ is and either side of the road the banks have become rivers.




My mother drove me so I could take photographs, I wouldn’t have made it in my little car! We also went to The Bunnies (where the hut was taken down from the storms the other day) and that too was flooded. We’re very poor at signage though, so a lot of people will likely attempt the drive before they realise the water is too deep.




The Portsmouth photos will follow in the next few days! I won’t forget about them, but today the local shots were a bit more useful.



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