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I’ve taken lots of photographs today – but only a few to share this evening whilst I work on the rest! I was lucky enough to visit a beautiful setting of art studios this evening to take some photographs of one of the talented Sculptors there. The creations up there were absolutely incredible – hopefully I’ll get the chance to return and photograph more.


But for today’s ‘shared’ photographs, I just took a few shots of the local flooding as it had got significantly worse overnight. As I was driving to my shoot this evening the flood waters were incredibly deep along the road, I couldn’t risk stopping to snap the beautiful sunset because they were already holding me up!


I also noticed a series of poles stuck into the ground…only when I looked at the floor did I realise they were telegraph poles and the overhead wires had been ripped down by the wind. It was quite surreal (and dangerous!) There was one slightly comical moment today when 18 cars were stuck behind a cyclist who was weaving all over the road because he was trying to hold an umbrella and cycle…

Last night I took a few shots at the Women in Business Group (mostly of the cheesecake!) which again, I will share at a later date. I’ve become one of those photographers who has a few ‘shoots’ built up on their camera ready to edit and sort. Tonight is the night! It is a nice feeling though. One more tiny step closer to doing what I love full time (even if I did resent not capturing the sunset for a few seconds! ;))

This was the scene at the meadow this morning – for some time it has been impossible to go in the gate without wading. But now it’s a running river!


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