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“Don’t close the curtains too early, you don’t know what you might miss…”

WordPress are crafty. They make you think the only option is to spend a million pounds (or twice as many dollars!) in order to rescue your blog from doom. Instead, for a mere $20 I can upgrade to 10gb of storage space a year. Excellent. Problem solved, in the meantime I really should stick to one photograph a day in order to stop this happening again! 4,067 photographs in just two years is absolutely terrible! I must have taken 10 times that amount as only a few ever made the final cut.


This does mean however, that the blog needs to pay for itself. So I’m going to have to set myself the target of earning at least $12 from photographs, a year. Possible? I hope so! ;)


Anyway, what I really wanted to blog earlier, was a sunset and some snowdrops. So here they are! The sunset was proof that you should never close the curtains too early in case you miss something. I was going to close the curtains, then I decided to wait!




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So you might notice that some of my photos from the last few days have disappeared. This is because this evening, when I went to upload my photographs, WordPress told me that my blog limit had been reached. (Image limit). I was quite stunned. So I started deleting photos, not realising they would delete from my posts. I have, in the past two years, uploaded 4,067 photographs to this blog. It’s astounding. So I thought, that’s fine, I’ll just ‘up’ my limit. Only when I did….I found out that it would cost $99. I love my blog, I love photography and I appreciate every single follower I have. But I can’t justify such an expense at the moment.

Today I photographed the sunset and snowdrops – but I can’t share them. I may well post them on Facebook. But I feel like that’s empty without the blog backing it all up, and without the words I carefully planned to write with it…

-Watch this space – let’s hope it increases!

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