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“You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.”
― Saul Bellow

I found myself in unfamiliar territory today. I was actually browsing blogs on word press. Proper browsing. With clicks and everything. I came across this post from Le Clown and the first few lines… “Do you remember when you first started blogging? Without peeking at your archives, do you remember your first posts? Your first comments? Your topics?” It got me thinking, and yes, I did peek into the archives. I know when I started blogging because it was the beginning of the 365 challenge in 2012. I posted daily, I rambled, I wrote loads of rubbish punctuated by the occasional helpful thing such as ‘So you want to find a Wedding Photographer’. 

But I only really ‘started’ blogging throughout 2013, when the pressure was no longer there to write and photograph something daily. I can feel myself slipping back into old habits right now, the ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ drop in, but when was the last time I truly looked through the ‘Reader’ to see what all these people I follow are writing about? It’s shameful, but I don’t know until I peeked back today. I learned to write before I had even the tiniest interest in framing a shot, or picking up a D-SLR. So often I forget that because it’s easier and less time consuming to snap an image and throw a few lines in.

So my challenge this year, is to spend more time on words, whilst still capturing the images. At the same time, I will be flitting over to the ‘Reader’ here on WordPress, and beyond! I want to start delving into other blogs, and I can’t remember the last time I left a comment that wasn’t in reply to something that had been posted on my blog posts.

Right, serious stuff over! I’m writing this at seven AM because today is a hectic one. I’m hoping to grab my shots whilst out and about, but I’m not sure it will be entirely possible. I will be taking photographs tonight at the first ‘Andover Women in Business’ meeting but I’m not sure they will get blogged before the day is over, let’s hope so! Otherwise my only other options will be inside the blood clinic at the hospital (not for me, for work!) or the mounds of paperwork that I need to make my way through. Not entirely exciting. Although the blood clinic may well be!

In fact…since this is about writing, and pens are important for that, here is a pen!


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