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“If you have a beautiful view, you don’t need a good wine to feel dizzy.”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

After my grumbles yesterday, the sun came out this morning and the rain stayed away. With more flood warnings and storms on the horizon, we decided to make the most of it and headed to the very wet and squidgy meadow with the quad copter, go-pro and my camera.


Whilst Buddy spent a while exploring all the new sploshy puddles and rivers, William sent the GoPro up with the Quadcopter to get our first ever aerial views of the meadow. Some of them are shown below (but since I have to take a photo a day for this blog, I took some with my own camera too!)




The blues were intense – no photoshop was needed to make the colours pop in the photographs that I took with my camera. It was quite dazzling!

2 6

The internet is rather sporadic today as much upgrades are being completed, so this blog (which I’ve been trying to write and illustrate with photos for the past six hours) will now be cut short in favour of getting the thing posted! Also it would be terrible to give up the challenge on day two… so here we go…





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