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“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.

Let’s write a good one…”

For Christmas, I bought my boyfriend a GoPro Camera (Hero 3!) – by yesterday afternoon, he had the DJI Phantom Quadcopter arriving on the doorstep to fly it! For those who aren’t into the techy side of Photography, or those who simply don’t have a clue what these things are (because I didn’t!) – the GoPro is a sports camera which we are hoping to use in particular for Dashboard recordings on road trips e.t.c.


A Quadcopter is a copter lifted and propelled with four rotors – and the one that my boyfriend bought holds a GoPro nicely underneath it for aerial footage. For both of us, this is a huge step into a different kind of photography and an altogether more expensive hobby than buying lens’s and accessories for our D-SLR Cameras.


But it’s worth it. This afternoon he sent the Quadcopter up over the house to capture some footage and test the waters a little, this was after much pondering yesterday on how to get the thing working. The recording captured though, was amazing. It reminded me of a helicopter flight earlier this year, but without the scary heights bit.


For decades, we as human beings have lived firmly at ground level. Yes we fly to exotic countries, for work or for a hobby or two (good luck to those who can afford it!) But we aren’t curious to see what the world looks like from above, or rather, not enough of us are.



I’m fascinated with the views that the Quadcopter has to show and the things that it unearths which are usually hidden at ground level by buildings, trees and other structures. The stills pulled from todays footage show just a little of what’s around us. The most profound thing I felt whilst looking at the images captured was how close we live to other people, without really realizing it.




Perhaps the Quadcopter and GoPro set up will provide a slightly more interesting and unique angle to the 365 Challenge in 2014 – maybe we’ll see a little more from above this year. Let’s hope so…


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“Anyone can slay a dragon …but try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That’s what takes a real hero.”
— Brian Andreas

The frost was beautiful this morning. Overnight the temperature dropped and it was almost as if there had been a light dusting of snow. The meadow always looks completely different when the weather changes, so we headed down there pretty early (for a Sunday anyway) to get some photographs.

1 13 12

Additionally, to give Buddy a run! He loved it and it seemed that the frozen ground allowed him to pick up a lot more animal scents than usual as he was incredibly busy throwing himself in all the bushes and lakes.

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This afternoon we watched the new Disney film ‘Frozen’ at the cinema, so it seemed fitting that I come home and blog the photographs from this mornings trek! That and the fact that watching a film about cold, snow and ice always makes you feel much more colder than usual when you leave the cinema.

11 10 9 8

The ‘storms’ are supposedly hitting us again this evening, although not as bad as before. Hopefully we will get to see in  the New Year with electricity, warmth and trees intact!

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