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“Nothing burns like the cold.”
― George R.R. Martin

I’ve woken up early the past week or so and noticed a frost outside. Content, I’ve gone back to sleep only to wake at the normal time and see that it’s replaced by rain. So it was fantastic to get up this morning and see a beautiful light frost with a gorgeous sunrise!


I’m also loving the fact that my new job means I’m not sprinting down the motorway at 7:30am. Whilst the office hasn’t let me go completely, I’m getting to start my own caseload which means start at the right time, more closer to home. Perfect for the frosty starts and cold evenings!

So this also means that there will be more photos across the next few weeks. I’m back to sticking the camera in the car when I head off for the day in the hopes of capturing things  more frequently. I may even start the photo a day challenge in the New Year, depending on how things go!

2This video below sums up Autumn/Winter for me. Books! I just recently sold my Kindle Fire, because I hadn’t used it for a year. Then I realised exactly why I hadn’t used it…it wasn’t Autumn/Winter! So now I’m missing it a lot.

Just a final reminder that I do have some 2014 calendars left, only a couple! So if you’re interested, £15 includes a free mounted print and UK postage. Go on, you know you want to!


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