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“Batten down the hatches” – Michael Fish

The wind was incredibly loud around three am this morning continuing until about six am – windows banged shut, blinds banged but other than that there was really nothing much else to worry about. The rest of the South isn’t so lucky with reports that two people have been killed, one boy missing having been swept out to sea yesterday afternoon.


Nevertheless we ventured out with the camera to see what we could snap – and although there wasn’t much, there were a few landscape altering changes where trees had fallen day. It’s a shame I don’t have a before photograph – but a huge beautiful tree has come down just down the road altering the landscape completely. Closer to home, at the bottom of the road there are several fallen trees, but nothing much more.


The roads are littered with leaves, rubbish, sticks and other debris – which of course will make it trickier if more rain comes as the drains are already blocked. But luckily we’ve even escaped that despite hours of rain hammering down last night.


Of course, we had to venture to the Bunnies, where earlier this year I got some storm photos, just to check.. But all was fairly calm…


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