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“Autumn wins you best by this its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay.”
Robert Browning

It has been a while! But I’m back with shiny new (Orangey) Autumnal photographs! Okay I won’t get your hopes up too much – it’s not properly Autumn here yet. The temperatures are still around 18 degrees C in the day which is madness for this time of year, but we did have a fantastic storm last night – so there’s hope for more Orange!


I’ve been walking Buddy the last week or so, at the local lakes. So it was nice to pop down to the meadow this evening and get some photographs whilst letting Buddy explore without the distraction of lots of other dogs. (And they really do distract him, he comes home exhausted!)


In justĀ  a few short weeks the meadow has changed dramatically with the long grasses starting to wind down for the season, and mushrooms replacing blooms. It’s still beautiful though, and the sunset complimented the slowly changing colours perfectly.


Of course, what’s a blog entry without a bit of Buddy! These were taken at the weekend – he doesn’t like to pose so much these days, but instead carries pebbles in his mouth and glares at me…


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