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“Life’s a pudding full of plums.”
W.S. Gilbert

Fourth day of constant blogging! It’s almost like being back in the 365 challenge again! I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but photography has been sparked – mostly by a few creations in the kitchen. This one is no exception, so look away now if you don’t like pudding!


Who doesn’t like pudding? Especially one that’s incredibly low in calories as this one. I’m not sure exactly how many, but there definitely wasn’t much. I recycled the glass dishes some time ago from a very nice (but naughty) cheesecake made by the company called GU. I thought the glasses would come in handy some day, and that day has come. So here’s the recipe…

Strawberry Smoothie with Ginger-nut Biscuit

The ingredients consisted of yesterdays left over blogged about smoothie. Basically strawberry, yoghurt, crushed ice and a dash of coconut and pineapple juice all blended together. I then crushed a few ginger biscuits, I think one or two per dish, and pressed them into the base to make a cheesecake type consistency. A little water was added to make it stick better. I poured on the smoothie and stuck the whole thing in the freezer as the consistency of the smoothie was too runny to rely on it setting. I guess you could add stuff like Gelatin to make it set properly if you wanted…


Anyway, a few hours later and it was perfectly set and ready to go. I sliced a strawberry so that it perched on the edge…et voila…Strawberry Smoothie (Iced) with Ginger-Nut Biscuit. And it tasted AMAZING!


I’m always looking for set up ideas, cutlery, bits and pieces and backdrops. If anyone has anything odd that doesn’t fit with their usual set of kitchenware just send it my way! For the above shots I used the punnet of strawberries for a red background (where captured), a green table mat for the base and ordinary cutlery teaspoons for the added tableware.

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