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β€œIt is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.”
― Douglas Adams

After weeks of buying potatoes, since planting them months and months ago – it was finally time to harvest the crop! And what a crop there was… I grew potatoes before but don’t really remember how successful they were…this year though, they were very successful!


Of course, there were some mashed up mouldy ones, and some that we were sure were radishes in disguise, but there was a good bagful of potatoes by the end of the digging and hauling. We chose to do it in 29 degrees Celsius heat too…just to add to the fun!

10 7

Hopefully throughout the week I’ll do a few more entries on potato recipes – images of exactly how we cooked them when we aren’t throwing them around the garden for Buddy to chase.. I’m joking, possibly! He has shown a keen interest though.


The recipe for successful growing? Soil, bags, sun, no sun, patience, more patience and digging! I’m sure that’s the non-technical version anyway…




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