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“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.”

Today I was having one of those evenings where I really just wanted to curl up in bed with a good book and a hot drink – and pyjamas. I was almost there, needing only to do the curling up bit to complete the evening, when I noticed the sunshine.



For the past few months, the rush of the last assignments and exams for this year of University, have had me in their evil grip. I haven’t been inspired to grab the camera and rush off somewhere before I miss the chance for a shot. Today though, I was. It was truly a great feeling to have again, and I realised that I actually missed it a lot.


I hurried down to the meadow to grab a few shots that somebody wanted after seeing a couple I took with my iPhone, and then I just enjoyed every second of the sinking sun, the golden glow on the grasses and the long shadows appearing across the water. It was heaven. It really was.


Despite having Buddy down there, a glimpse of a deer was still possible and even though I was too short to get a decent shot, I was still proud of the moment! I got inspired, well and truly. I got inspired to snap away without caring and to venture places to see what else I could capture. And then of course, to head home, get those pjs and a hot choccie – and blog it to relive it all over again! Now where did I put that good book…


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