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This time of year, I absolutely love going to my Grandma’s garden and seeing what it offers, photographically. I can’t enjoy much else about it since the Hayfever gets me everytime! But the beauty of the garden is just…amazing. I try my best to capture the blossom and blooms on camera. So here are a few to share, just like last year!



The sun has been shining all week, it’s been most out of character! The weather has been around 15 degrees and everything has just flourished – including the energy to do things and get out with the camera! This weekend will bring more photo opportunities as well, which is quite a nice prospect. Add in the three day weekend and it’s pretty much perfect!


7Pansies are my favourite flower along with Blossom. I always used to (try) growing them when I was younger. Their little faces are quite strange for a flower, but pretty at the same time. I remember them always attracting ant nests though! Not so nice…


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