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“Don’t let the sunshine fool you…”

It’s cold. Bitterly bitterly cold. I don’t think I’ve stood in such temperatures before. The gauge reads only -1 degrees C, but the wind chill is much much more biting. Snow has blanketed much of Europe, never mind the UK….


But here, it’s sunny! Bright and sunny. With lots of blue sky. Without the wind chill it would almost be perfectly Spring. And then every hour or so, a huge flurry of snow blasts in, even though there are barely any clouds in sight.


It’s peculiar to say the least! March is about warmth, sunshine and growth. Not cold, cold and more cold!



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β€œIn the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
― Margaret Atwood

It felt like the first ‘proper’ Spring day of the year today. It was re-energizing! The sun was shining, it was still cold but not too cold – and all in all it was pretty good for lifting the mood and bringing the promise of longer days and warmer ones too.


The flowers literally came out today, they opened up with the sunlight pouring in and I had to grab the camera. That was also nice. It has been far too long since I spontaneously snapped some shots!


Buddy loves the warmer weather because it means the door is open all day for him to run in and out. He brought sticks, stones and leaves whilst I was working and was very despondent when I headed out for meetings and had to shut him inside!



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