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It has been a while. When you don’t have to do something everyday for the sake of completing a challenge, naturally, you don’t do it! But the urge to take photos has increased over the passing weeks, and it can’t be avoided for much longer. So today, I photographed dinner!


Today’s dinner was chicken, with everything in the fridge thrown in. Pretty much anyway. I added lots of different spices, spring onions, red onions, peppers, onions…all the onion it seems, and some pasta to finish it off. Perfecto!


Life has been ticking over nicely the past little while. In a few weeks, I will leave the job that I’ve been in for almost two years and move on to something completely different and completely new. I’m excited, nervous and more excited – all at the same time. There’s a baby shoot coming up next weekend, a Wedding in March and lots of other bits and pieces in between – busy times! So, if you can be patient, standby for more photos soon!


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