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I have to say, huge praise goes to the weather forecast and media for getting it almost completely spot on! After yesterdays rather cynical post I was quite pleased to see that it had actually snowed a fair bit overnight and kept going – in fact it’s still going now. At the time of writing there is 14cm of snow outside the door – the below was taken an hour ago before it piled up some more!


So of course, I enlisted the aid of my parents with their 4 x 4 and we headed off into the wilderness after I’d finished work, to get some shots. But that wasn’t before Mother and I ventured into town at 8am to get some shopping….

salisbury roadsalisburyroad2

It was absolute chaos. Lorries were slipping on the roads, cars were stopping in stupid places (one idiotic lady just to answer her mobile phone) people were even shunting each other as they struggled to keep a grip on the snowy roads. And still it came, visibility was rubbish and in the multi-storey car park, little piles of snow dotted the ground where people had obviously decided to dust their cars off. When it snows here, it snows.


Along the way I stumbled across various animals, cows looking out from their sheds mournfully, and even some horses stood out in the freezing cold weather, glaring at my camera. The funniest animal of all had to be the Dog that was lying in the road, legs spread out in front and behind of him whilst his owner tried to get him to walk. In the end, she had to pick him up and carry him with his legs stuck straight out, down the path. The poor dog didn’t know what to do with his feet and the ice balls building up inside.





There were also many cars that had been either abandoned, or that had skidded off of the road and into the verges or hedges. People pushing other people up hills and even the driver of a tesco lorry got involved by helping out with a stuck car. It was nice to see people being helpful, but sad to see the ones that were being stupid!

I made a revisit to the bunnies – and loved getting the change of season on camera there. The rivers are fast flowing and full now though, so who knows what a little bit of snow melting will do to them!




Then there were the rude people that threw snowballs at us as we drove past! Luckily…we knew them…





So that’s about it from me today, no doubt if the weather changes, I’ll be back out there with the camera. For now I’m going to sit back and enjoy my half day off of work and get on with some essay writing. The snow is keeping me apart from my boyfriend, as we usually spend the weekends together! :(





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It’s funny how the country reacts when impending doom in the form of snow flurries is on the horizon. I’ve been amused pretty much all day by the antics of those around me, whether it’s reading news reports online or seeing members of the public panic buying. And what are they panic buying? Well you’ll no doubt be surprised to hear that the most popular item on the receipt today is Cat Litter. I know. I too was astounded, so much so that I turned to the woman in question who was proclaiming that it solved all her problems and said simply, “Wut?”

Cat Litter, it seems, is the way to grit your pathways. Outside. It’s cheaper than buying dishwasher salt and anyway who wants to buy a perfectly good bag of salt and then tip it all over the concrete? (Never mind that the salt had already all sold out earlier that day). Since I was on my lunch break and buying a few essentials in preparation for the snow – Haribo, Spring Onions and Flora – I had a few minutes to pop to the greengrocers across the road and get some vegetables.

Snow flakes were heavily falling by this time, and the woman behind the counter was becoming increasingly excited. She exclaimed to me, “Are you here to stock up for the snow storm?” I smiled politely and nodded “yes” before reaching for a couple of sweet potatoes and quietly placing them on the counter. She stared at me in horror, “That’s it?” I wondered if I could launch into a loaves and fishes type story and tell her how I would split these potatoes between all the people in my neighbourhood – no – village…but I couldn’t be bothered. “Yes,” I said, “That really is…it.”

I went back out into the snow, which by this time was pretty much covering my car so that I could barely recognise it amongst all other panic buyers vehicles – and threw my potatoes in hurriedly to avoid them getting frostbite. I cleared the windscreen, which was pretty dirty by this time, and blinked at the flakes falling in front of me. There must have been at least eight of them.

Back on the road, the snow started getting faster – probably because I was driving faster. People in front of me were hitting their brakes and driving very slowly just in case and giving the gritters a wide berth. Too much of a wide berth. A mile between their car and the grit spreader was probably a little extreme. I decided that if it was going to snow a lot more than this, I would need to arm myself with screen wash for the car windscreen. Not that I’d be driving anywhere, if it snowed that much, but one has to look prepared.

I stopped by Halfords, the local car parts and bits shop. Inside a man in his forties was staring at some tyres wrapped in chains and scratching his head (actually literally scratching in confusion). He turned to me and said, “What on earth are they?” In a voice that made it sound like the tyres had just appeared from some alien spacecraft. I opened my mouth and decided to speak very slowly in case that was needed here, “Those…are…snow…chains…” I explained. “Christ,” he said, “It must be bad if they’ve got those in.” 

Back on the news, the Telegraph is warning readers that 10,000 people could be without heating this weekend. You might think that this was because of electricity failures due to heavy snow, or some such fault. But no… The Telegraph says it’s because when it snows, we all use our boilers 80% more than usual. Wrong. Actually once the snow has fallen, it gets pretty warm. Plus if you balance the coldness now with the warm winter we’ve had – everything is offset and…you get the picture. But it’s amusing nonetheless. Additionally, people in Northamptonshire were pelting gritters with rocks in frustration at their slowness.

I’m locking the doors tomorrow. And keeping the boiler turned off. I might also stay in bed. I’d hate to have to venture out because my boiler has stopped working and be pelted with rocks by angry people because I’m driving slow – never mind slip up in some kitty litter that’s covering my pathways. It just doesn’t bare thinking about.




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