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“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”
― Markus Zusak

The weekend has involved threats of snow from just about every weather forecaster going. However it hasn’t quite happened, not for the South of England anyway – but we’re waiting. So I thought whilst we’re waiting for snow, why not make some rain?


Of course, the rain was a little artificial given that the weather today was absolutely beautiful! The sunshine streamed in the windows, and it was unavoidable to want to go and take photos – and I wasn’t complaining!


The weekend has been spent mostly relaxing with the one trip to see Les Miserables at the Cinema. The verdict? Well. William and I both came away with huge headaches! The singing was…not as good as the theatre production for the most part. If you’re going along to compare, you will be disappointed! However in terms of making the best out of a tricky situation i.e musical to film – they did well.





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