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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
― Vivian Greene

Well we didn’t dance in the rain, but there was certainly enough of a storm today for some fantastic Photographic opportunities. We headed to The Bunnies (those who watch this blog regularly will know it’s a favourite of mine for Photographs!) Buffeted by the wind, with cameras precariously being blown about, we photographed for a little while before deciding it was far too cold to stand the weather any longer.



But on our travels back, we happened across a fallen tree, handily captured by some power lines (or so you might think) with motorists taking the leap and edging their cars carefully underneath it rather than turning around to find another route.



After calling it in to the police, who were already on their way, we made use of the moment and snapped away for a bit. It’s almost a year since I photographed the January Storms which, almost immediately, made it into the local paper with my first ever byline – so let’s hope that they snap this one up too and round up the year of blogging nicely!



Also you may have noticed, that today is termed ‘Day 365’ – It’s not quite there yet, I can only think that my numbering along the way has gone wrong! No time to go and figure it out though, a year of blogging officially ends on January 2nd…

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