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β€œIn order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.”
― Robert Lynd

Another indoor photography post! I have an excuse this time. I’m housebound today whilst my car is in the body shop being repaired. On Monday morning whilst I was driving down the motorway to work, a large piece of concrete was thrown from a bridge down into the road. Luckily it missed the majority of my car, hitting the bumper and rendering a few scuffs and cracks. It could have been much worse, nevertheless I am still frustrated by the lack of attention from the police – the fact that the CCTV cameras there don’t actually record – and the bill that I’m left with at the end of it all. But I’m thankful!


Anyway, I sort of exhausted a lot of still life options this week as between work, Christmas preparations and visiting the gym at 6am (yes I know – crazy right?) – it has been a tad busy. There’s some dispute over when this challenge ends as it was a leap year/wasn’t a leap year or something – but I estimate that there are approximately two weeks left. It seems quite weird to be thinking in those terms, when just a few months ago I had endless days stretching before me.



A few have been asking if I’ll continue, and I’ve lightly broached the subject in a few previous blogs. I think the decision will come on the 1st of January. Regardless, don’t wander off yet – I’ll still be blogging, I just might give your inbox’s a few days rest in between entries!



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