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“Just because something is traditional is no reason to do it, of course.”
― Lemony Snicket,

Winchester have opened the gates to their Christmas Market – an event well attended by many! As we found out today… It was nice to have a wander through the grands of the Cathedral but it was almost impossible to get anywhere near the stalls and see what they were actually selling.



Still we managed a bit of Christmas shopping in the High Street – and some great chances for Photography so it all helps! Winchester is a really nice city to shop in and has lots of the old favourites such as Cath Kidston and a few independent quirky shops.



There’s even the huge Waterstones which, whilst crowded, was really nice to browse. We really lack decent bookshops in this country and Waterstones with it’s rickety staircase and wooden floors is part of a dying breed.


After a few hours shopping and wandering, we headed back to begin the mammoth task of photo editing. Tomorrow – it’s Christmas Decorations time! (Which doesn’t mean putting them up – just getting them ‘out’.)



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